Brit Brit Twin

This is like the Britney Spears of gloves. You can tell it's had a long night at a number of sleazy LA nightclubs, and after two outfit changes in bathroom, it's collapsed on the sidewalk in its own gum, wreaking of Camel Lights and trying to hide the mysterious white powder caked all over its little cuff. Next thing you know it'll be holding its two toddler sons hostage in the bathroom of its hillside estate, missing important court dates, and two-timing paparazzo creepos. Poor thing!

Found in Paris over Christmas 2007.



This glove comes from Natalie Lawler from Echo Park, CA. She says: "i dont remember seeing it when i left my vehicle, so maybe a small child tried to steal my sweet rims while i was gone."

Thanks Natalie. What a sweet treat!

In other news, I found a lizard tail on my front porch today. At first I though it was a really big claw, like the raptor talon in Jurassic Park. But then I picked it up and realized that it was flacid and a lizard's tail. It put me in kind of a sour mood because I was eating a cinnamon tower at the time, and I really didn't feel comfortable picking off parts of it with with the same fingers I'd just used to pick up a lizard tail. Then I felt really selfish for thinking about how much grief picking up that lizard tail had caused me, when really, there's a lizard roaming around my yard without a tail. I don't know exactly how much the tail helps the lizard, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say more than not having a tail. Poor guy. One of my cats is going to eat you.


New York Ciudad!

It's like a big claw, this one. It's claw-like. I found it on a street in New York. Let's call that street Spring. Anyway, this claw is reaching out to get you. Like the hand of God.


Two days ago, I was texting Tess at a show to see if she knew any good jokes I could tell on stage. She told me this:

"No, but today when I was in math class I was eating Skittles and when Miss Shafeigh asked what I was doing I told her I was tasting the rainbow. She got mad."

Wise beyond her years, this one.

Found on Sunset by the underground rape tunnel.


Found either in Toronto or Los Angeles. Just to sound more well-traveled, I'm going to say Toronto. Just kidding! I've never even been to Toronto. That's for lames. But really, I probably found it in Toronto because I was there this past week. No kidding. In fact, I specifically remember finding this in Toronto.



hairnet + glove = janatorial fiesta time!


Two Hands Are Better Than One

It's such a wonderful surprise to find one glove, but to then find its match...well that's just like finding a new bike under the tree on Christmas morning.

Found these two on that bridge on Sunset that goes over Silverlake Blvd. Near the Silverlake Lounge maybe? Yes, I think so.